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Learn how one business identified, recruited and managed a team of 20+ influencers to drive unprecedented ROI for the brand.

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Learn how brands & agencies use InfluenceLogic to power their content marketing.

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Influencer marketing doesn't have to be hard. We simplify influencer marketing with our end-to-end influencer marketing & intelligence platform.

Influence People With Video

Powering Influencer Marketing Systems for Enterprise & Small Businesses

Focused on Video

In 2019, 80% of all content consumed online will be video. InfluenceLogic's intelligence and end-to-end platform is built for video, giving you unprecedented marketing power.

The Anti-Marketplace

Influencer marketplaces are a tired model. Don't limit yourself to the influencers and pricing structure in a network. Power your own system with InfluenceLogic.

Gain an Advantage

Access the influencer intelligence and recruiting tools that Multi-Channel Networks are using to get ahead of the competition.

Wow. #HowTo has helped me and my company to double leads in the first week! 

John Anthony

It works on my phone too?! Wow #HowTo, you really HAVE done it all!

John F. Akeman

I still cannot believe I just discovered HowTo. This is the future of doing awesome business things.

Tony Balogni

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Influencer Marketing Software


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Our Software Powers End-to-End Video Influencer Marketing Systems

Enterprise Influencer Intelligence & Recruiting Technology

Secure Influencer CRM & Content Lab™ in the Cloud

Advanced Analytics for Campaign Reporting and Optimization

Influencer automation with robust analytics, to power your video content marketing. 

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