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Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: 1) To help our customers have a successful business by 2) making a massive, positive impact on the world. In turn, we are selective about who we work with and businesses that place a high priority on both social and economic impact are our focus.

Questions? Contact us at roi[at]influencelogic.com.

Influence Team

Joel Robinson

Joel lives and breathes the heart of entrepreneurship. With Joel steering InfluenceLogic's ship, there is never a challenge that sheer optimism and sound work ethic can't overcome. Joel's passion for aerospace also fuels his drive to help other businesses and creators take flight.

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Messa

Steve has long been fascinated by the way new technologies are turning individuals into creators. Steve has the rare ability to stay on the cutting edge of business and culture, and identify openings to help companies and individuals make a lot of money by making a massive impact on the world.

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Thuringer

Aaron is driven by developing and nurturing innovative digital marketing technologies that inspire, promote action and create great ROI. He believes the next great technology just takes a simple idea, a lot of passion and a little guidance. In his free time, Aaron dreams up creative ways to save the environment.

Vice President of Marketing

Ron Emrick

Ron is an exceptional engineer with experience in both high growth startups and enterprise businesses. When he's not pioneering new ground for InfluenceLogic, he runs internship programs helping high school students unlock the magic that coding and engineering has to offer.

Vice President of Engineering

Tanya Bilous

Tanya has a never-ending passion for learning new skills as a software engineer. At InfluenceLogic, much of Tanya's time is spent creating new insight algorithms for our creator intelligence system. 

Senior Software Engineer

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