How are we able to do performance-based influencer marketing?

We leverage our proprietary technology and partner with the highest integrity influencers and thought-leaders.

Enterprise Intelligence

We Activate Emerging Influencers

We find and partner with emerging video influencers with our advanced insights and performance metrics.

We Secure Relevant Content, Consistently

Influencers are creating content relevant to your brand. We use our intelligence engine to find them.

We Monitor Competition

We keep tabs on your competitors' content strategy, keeping you one step ahead.

We centralize your program - from influencer outreach to content distribution - all in one hub.

  • Influencer Acquisition Landing Page

  • CRM & Influencer Management

  • Email Integration & Quick Email Sending

  • Campaign Reporting

Program Centralization

Drive Customers, Conversions & Sales

Product Placement

Video influencers get your product into their videos in an authentic and genuine way.

Influencer Endorsement

Because the audience trusts the influencer, viewers will grow to recognize and trust your brand.

Programmatic Amplification

Touch audiences throughout the customer journey through contextual programmatic advertising.

We leverage our proprietary technology to do influencer marketing in a way that no other agency can.

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